They Saw Each Other at a Jazz Club and Never Looked Away


After only a few weeks of dating, Mr. Roberts said “I love you” — in Mandarin. He had studied Mandarin in college and was desperate to express his feelings, but in a manner that wouldn’t alarm Ms. Green. She deciphered what he meant almost immediately and was not scared off. In fact, she said, she relishes Mr. Roberts’s offbeat humor and personality quirks: Sometimes he bunches up napkins to stuff in his ears if he doesn’t have any earplugs on hand, for instance.

“Anyone who knows him knows he is genuine — always his true self,” Ms. Green said.

In June 2020, the couple moved into an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, together. On July 16, 2022, Mr. Roberts proposed at the site of their first kiss in Tompkins Square Park. “Robyn has this composure about her that keeps the train on the rails when things get tough,” Mr. Roberts said. “She’s very loving and expressing about her love and affection.”

The couple was married on Sept. 23 at the Bronx Zoo. Ms. Green said they wanted a traditional wedding but also wanted it to be unserious and fun. “It felt very true to us,” Ms. Green said.

Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour in the Madagascar exhibit, gawking at lemurs, snakes and crocodiles. Caleb Small, a friend of the couple who became a Universal Life Church minister for the event, officiated in front of 125 guests. Olivia Parker, the lead singer of Olivia K & the Parkers, sang “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean for the couple’s first dance.

Not surprisingly, music plays a big part in their relationship. They attend many concerts together, and play records while cooking. Their apartment has two large keyboards and more than half a dozen guitars — and Ms. Green is slowly learning how to play the guitar.

Often when Mr. Roberts is practicing on his guitar, Ms. Green will interrupt, either to ask him music-theory questions or request that he play a pop song. Whether he knows the chords and lyrics or not, Mr. Roberts always obliges.

“It takes a deep level of curiosity and openness and respect to always want to engage your partner and indulge them on their silly questions,” Ms. Green said. “No question is too small for him to dive into.”


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