Scenes From Heidi Klum’s 2023 Halloween Party


On Tuesday night, inside Heidi Klum’s Halloween party at the nightclub Marquee in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, guests mixed, mingled and, in an attempt to converse over the din of the thumping music, pressed their faces together and shouted into each other’s ears.

Earlier in the evening, Ms. Klum revealed her highly anticipated costume: a giant human peacock constructed with the help of 10 Cirque du Soleil acrobats.

In a booth upstairs, the rapper Ice-T sat with his wife, Coco Austin, who was clad in fishnets. As she leaned over the back of the booth and chatted with some other guests, Ice-T snapped pictures of her. She did not appear to notice.

The club, filled with about 500 guests, was decorated for the holiday, with fun house mirrors lining the entryway and cobwebs draped from the ceiling. Across the room, the costumes were elaborate.

The singer Camila Cabello wore a short, white strapless dress and black headphones à la Princess Mia in “The Princess Diaries.” Leni Klum, Ms. Klum’s daughter, wore a frilly pink bra and underwear paired with a neon pink wig and green-and-white-striped thigh-high stockings.

Earlier in the night, she carried around a plastic container of fresh strawberries, another nod to her look’s inspiration, the children’s cartoon Strawberry Shortcake. “I ate them all,” she said.

The actor Rachel Zegler said she chose her costume, Daphne from the “Scooby-Doo!” cartoons, in accordance with SAG-AFTRA strike guidelines for Halloween. (There were a few Barbies spotted around the event.) A fan of Ms. Klum’s work on “Project Runway,” Ms. Zegler said she was “gassed” to be invited to the night’s festivities.

Elsewhere in the club, a guest dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte danced next to another Daphne. The influencer Dylan Mulvaney and the writer Lily Drew leaned over one of the bars, chatting with the comedian Pauly Shore. Ms. Mulvaney and Ms. Drew were dressed as the titular characters from the film “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion,” in pink and blue metallic minidresses. (When asked, Mr. Shore gave his name as “Richard Simmons.”)

The musician Maxwell said his costume was inspired by “Interview with the Vampire” and included a pair of very realistic fake fangs stuck on with “some sort of wax.”

A group of Cirque du Soleil acrobats danced with cocktails in hand, still wearing their costumes from the peacock performance earlier in the evening. “I have no idea what I’m drinking,” said Eric Bates, one of the acrobats. “Whatever was left.”

Just after midnight, Ms. Klum made her second big entrance of the night. Still in her bird beak, she had added a pair of fringed blue pants and a full train of peacock feathers that wrapped around her back and head like a clamshell. Cellphones shot up to try to capture a glimpse of Ms. Klum, teetering through the crowd.

Below, see photos from Halloween parties hosted by Heidi Klum and Ivy Getty.

Further downtown, the model Ivy Getty hosted a Halloween party at Jean’s, the new restaurant in NoHo from Max Chodorow and Ashwin Deshmukh. Black balloons lined the ceiling, their ribbons occasionally getting tangled in the horns of a guest dressed as the “Sleeping Beauty” villain Maleficent.

Sitting in a crescent-shaped, velvet booth, Ms. Getty explained that Halloween was really her second-favorite holiday. (No. 1 is Valentine’s Day, she said.)

Ms. Getty wore coordinating bodysuits with her childhood friend Quincey Jones and Anya Taylor-Joy, the star of “The Queen’s Gambit.” When the trio arrived around 11:30 p.m., some guests wondered whether they might be dressed as the Powerpuff Girls. But they were actually characters from “Totally Spies!,” a cartoon series from the early 2000s.

Ms. Getty had ordered their bodysuits online, and then used fashion tape to add rhinestone stripes and jeweled belts. “I’ve been on a D.I.Y. journey,” she said.

About 150 guests attended. In a nook decorated with skulls and bats, the designer Prabal Gurung posed with Tina Leung, a star of the Netflix reality series “Bling Empire: New York.” Sabrina Impacciatore, the actress who played Valentina in Season 2 of the HBO series “The White Lotus,” stood nearby, wearing a zebra-print jacket that was not intended as a Halloween costume.

“I wasn’t supposed to end up at a Halloween party, I just went out for dinner,” Ms. Impacciatore said. “But it works.”

There was red salt on the rims of margaritas and edible red glitter mixed into champagne. A guest dressed as a horned devil mingled with two knights in racy chain mail, and someone clad as a sequined Elton John squeezed past the tulle skirt of a Statue of Liberty.

Isabella Massenet, the evening’s D.J., was among several attendees who said they were bored by the deluge of Barbie costumes this year. Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark danced in front of a fog machine as Ms. Massenet played “Psycho Killer,” “Vogue” and “Thriller” to support the “dark disco” theme she said she had envisioned for the dance floor.

Close to 2 a.m., guests were calling Ubers. But the excitement was not over for Sabine Getty, a cousin of the host, who sat at a tattoo station manned by artists from Fun City Tattoo. She pulled up the leg of her lace unitard to get a small heart tattooed on her ankle.

“I might regret it tomorrow,” she said with a smile.


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